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What they're saying about Cafe Ventana

It's nice and quiet. I love it. Maybe another larger table to spread
out my homework on. Other than that, great!

Glad you're in the hood. Makes it nice to live here.

I love that it even exists. The community needs more places like this
one. And I like that it is a non profit.

Great cultural center. I love the peaceful atmosphere. Thanks!

Your shop is tippity top. I could always use MORE culture. Muslims +
Christian = love tomorrow. We need love TODAY! Love the floor to
ceiling "soul windows".

Neat place. I've seen this place for a while but never came in until
tonight. I'm glad I did. This is pretty much what my cousins & I
dream of making. Good luck. Love the concept and will try to spread
the word. God Bless.

It is a great place for a group meeting.

Thank you so much for accommodating us. Sigma Delta Lambda greatly appreciates your hospitality.

This place is my home away from home.

Smooth & creamy! Schmoopie

Ventana is cool.

Stupendous service.

National Geo! Yeah.


Great Staff

Cozy, homely ambiance.

All the game boards are cool.

Nice "feel" to the place.

My first visit was for a board meeting with Blackstar Coop. I'm back
to patronage. Very comfortable. Thank You.

Awesome, thanks!

Very interesting place—Great Idea.

Good cheerful staff.

I think you are doing wonderful.

Great place! Great coffee! Great service.

Great job, nice sandwiches.

Ham & cheese sandwich was great!

Hurray for Ventana del Soul! We love you.

What a cool place! I'm glad to know about it.

Very relaxed atmosphere! Love it.

First visit to your establishment. Very creative and relaxed
atmosphere. I am visiting from Alaska. I would really enjoy a place
like this at home. Good luck!

Excellent, as usual!

First timer! Love it!

This spot is hot!

What a great place…wow. I'm just impressed as a person in life with
this café.

OMG this is great!

Thank you everyone for helping us have
a positive impact on the community!

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