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What Volunteers are saying about their Ventana experience:

"I have had an amazing time working with Clare and the other volunteers at Ventana del Soul. I learned so much more than just how to do PR with this internship. I am grateful for all the support and advice that Clare gave me along the way."
- Tiffany, University of Texas - Public Relations

"Last semester, I volunteered at Ventana del Soul, a non-profit organization that does many wonderful things. I volunteered there for more than thirty hours over the semester for my Community Service class, required of Psychology majors. Anywho, while working at the café, not only did I learn valuable business and barista skills, but I also got the opportunity to work with and mentor at-risk youth. These kids fall into the demographic most vulnerable to negative influences such as drugs and crime. In fact, they are working at Ventana del Soul to fulfill court-ordered community service hours for petty misdemeanors (like skipping school, etc.) where they also get the opportunity to receive job coaching and mentoring. In short, volunteering at the café is a great experience for everyone involved."
- Kadie, St. Edward's University - Psychology Major

"I was an intern for Ventana del Soul this past Spring. I was just thinking recently about my time there and I (thought of) your kindness. You are wonderful and Ventana is wonderful - I hope you and the cafe are doing well. Thanks for everything."
- Colleen, St. Edward's University

"I enjoyed volunteering, and I gained some perspective from the work I did with the children at Ventana del Soul. I think I was able to give them a
positive role model to talk with and to look up to. Though I was not familiar with children who need to fulfill community service requirements, I think this experience taught me to how to successfully interact with at-risk children."
- St. Edward's University - Psychology Major

"Thank you so much for this semester; it has been an invaluable learning experience along with a lot of fun. I hope Ventana gets the grants we requested!"
- Katrina, University of Texas - English Major

"Thanks so much for the reference! I'm applying for a PR Specialist position. I had my interview today and representative was impressed with the work that I did at Ventana. I gave him some of the press releases I sent out as my writing samples and he seemed to like my work. Hope all is going well!"
Cassandra, St. Edward's University - Public Relations

Thank you everyone for helping us have
a positive impact on the community!

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